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David is so sweet and absolutely perfect for me. We just click. He's always there for me and so supportive in everything. He's romantic, understanding and so easy to communicate with.
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Bailey is so sincere and truly the light of my life. She is my guiding star in the constellation called Seraph. There has never been a more inspiring, compassionate, and enchanting brilliance.
~Love you~

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Once Upon a Time...

There were two people who painstakingly put together their OK Cupid accounts. Somehow on the same week. And by magic, they matched immediately and only talked with each other. After that first date (and much ice cream sacrificed to the Boardwalk)...Here we are~ 

A most delicious dinner at Cafe Martier! This place was so cute, and they had a fun little speak-easy bar attached. And my goodness, the Goat Cheese Croquettes are out of this world!

After an amazing dinner we relaxed and headed down to the boardwalk.


This is where we had our very first date, Oct. 6th, 2018. And 4 years later, a romantic I Do on the Boardwalk...It was dark, with the barest touch of a sunset. We sat on a bench together and David told me he had a present for me, "a late anniversary gift."

It was so sweet. The proposal was a reference to my favorite show and it was funny, and lovely, and perfect. Just like David~


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